Why Ti2TT?
So why choose Ti2tt? There are some simple but important characteristics to note about Ti2TT. TEST

-We only run weekends
-We coordinate a timely and safety-conscious day
-We operate at established facilities not too far from town
-We run 4 different tracks; variety is the spice of life

Ever crack a joke?  Well don't quit your day job.  And neither will we.  We don't want you to sacrifice your cherished vacation time to enjoy your sport of passion.  Come out an enjoy it on a regular weekend.  

From the time you get to the track, to the time you leave, we're working hard to keep the days events on schedule, and operating within our safety rules so that you can do just what you came to do; ride on the track.  When we say that your group rides at 20 past the hour, that's what it will be.  All day.  Well, except for the 12 o'clock hour (15minute sessions).  We also staff control riders that provide support on and off the track. They are there to help you with any questions you have and each control rider has a wealth of riding knowledge that helps them instruct our riders as well as maintaining safety and efficiency at our events.

The tracks we run are full-functioning facilities.  There are permanent bathrooms that were cleaned the night before, and always stocked with TP.  No need to sacrifice a sock.  There's a cafe, or at least food within 5 minutes.  Hotels are nearby, and camping is always FREE. Discount days tend to be overcrowded and full of crashes, we would never over sell a day. It creates an unsafe environment and we thought you might like to have the space to let your bike stretch its legs.  

Get tired of running the same track week after week?  We do too.  That's why we have assembled a schedule that visits our four favorite facilities twice a year, once each of the pleasant seasons.  It keeps us sharp, so you can stay sharp, having a good time on the track of your choice.

We are sure you will enjoy your time with Take it 2 The Track at any of events. We are always striving to make our events as pleasant and problem free as possible. If you ever have any critique (good or bad) please come talk to us. We listen and take into account anything that we can do to make sure we can fulfill the needs of everyone.
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